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A Guide to Using Your Cast Iron Scrubber

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There's something special about cooking with cast iron – the sizzle, the sear, the flavors. But what about the cleanup? Fear not, for the cast iron scrubber is here to make your post-cooking ritual a breeze. Let's dive into the art of using this magical tool.

Gentle Yet Effective:

The beauty of a cast iron chain mail scrubber lies in its ability to be gentle yet highly effective. Begin by rinsing your cast iron under warm water to loosen any food particles.

Say No to Soap:

One of the cardinal rules of cast iron care is avoiding soap. Instead, harness the power of your cast iron cleaner. Add a dash of warm water and let the scrubber's stainless steel rings do the work.

Circular Motions for the Win:

Hold the chainmail scrubber firmly, and using circular motions, work your way around the pan. The interlocking rings will dislodge stuck-on bits without scratching the surface.

Tackling Tough Spots:

For those stubborn spots, apply a bit of kosher salt or baking soda. The abrasiveness helps in lifting off the residue. Again, let the scrubber do the heavy lifting.

Rinse and Dry:

Once satisfied with the cleanliness, rinse your pan under warm water. Ensure all remnants of salt or baking soda are gone. Pat the pan dry or place it on low heat to evaporate any remaining moisture.

Oil Love:

To finish the process, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the pan. This not only helps in seasoning but also protects the cast iron from rust.

Storage Wisdom:

Store your cast iron in a dry place. If you want to go the extra mile, place a paper towel or a cloth between pans to prevent any potential scratching.

Seasoning Ritual:

Periodically, give your cast iron a good seasoning. Apply a small amount of oil and heat the pan for an hour in the oven. This ritual maintains the non-stick surface and prolongs the life of your cookware.

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