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Best Tool for Cleaning Your Cast Iron Skillet

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Stainless steel wool ball, while abrasive, can scratch the surface of your cast iron skillet. These scratches not only compromise the skillet's appearance but also create areas where food can stick, making it harder to maintain that coveted non-stick surface. Say goodbye to stainless steel wool ball. Now we will introduce our new design-cast iron scrubber with silicone insert.

FORTATO cast iron cleaner is made of premium food grade anti-rust 316 stainless steel.The middle insert food safe silicone honeycomb pad is soft enough to clean every corner without causing damage to your cookware.

Preserve Seasoning:

Maintain that hard-earned seasoning on your cast iron. The chain mail scrubber is strategically designed not to strip away the layers, ensuring your skillet's non-stick surface stays intact.

Versatile Kitchen Companion:

Beyond cast iron skillets, the FORTATO cast iron pan cleaner is a versatile tool for various cookware. From dutch ovens to griddles, it's your all-in-one solution for keeping kitchen essentials in top-notch condition.

We have 30+ years of providing cast iron products in China. Our main cast iron scrubber products including cast iron cleaner, round chain mail scrubber, square cast iron skillet scrubber. If you are interested in our products, please contact us!

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