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What Kind of Scrub Do People Use For Cast Iron?

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For cleaning cast iron, people often use various scrubbers and brushes that are specifically designed to clean without damaging the seasoning on the cast iron. Here are some common types:

Chainmail Scrubber: A chainmail scrubber is made of interlocking rings of stainless steel chainmail. It's effective in removing food particles and residue without stripping away the seasoning.

Plastic Scrub Brushes: Soft-bristle plastic scrub brushes are often used as they are less abrasive compared to metal scrubbers. They are suitable for everyday cleaning without scratching the surface.

Natural Fiber Brushes: Brushes with natural fibers, such as coconut or tampico, are gentle on the cast iron but still effective in removing debris. They are suitable for lighter cleaning.

Nylon Scrubbers: Nylon scrubbers are non-abrasive and are a good choice for gentle cleaning. They can be effective in removing stuck-on food without damaging the seasoning.

Silicone Scrubbers: Silicone scrubbers are soft and flexible, making them suitable for cast iron. They are non-abrasive and can be used for light to moderate cleaning.

Wooden Scrapers: Wooden scrapers are handy for removing stuck-on bits without being overly abrasive. They are often used after cooking to scrape away residues.

It's important to avoid using harsh abrasives like steel wool, as they can damage the seasoning on the cast iron. Additionally, some people use a mixture of coarse salt and oil for a more natural scrubbing solution.Remember to always dry the cast iron thoroughly after cleaning to prevent rusting.

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