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Precautions for Using Cast Iron Pan

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Precautions for Using Cast Iron Pan

◆Avoid drastic temperature changes.

◇When turning on the fire, first turn to rice fire (low heat), slowly heat it up and then turn to medium heat.

◇Do not rinse with cold water immediately after turning off the heat, let it cool first.

◇Avoid placing the whole pot in the refrigerator and heating it directly on the stove as soon as you take it out.

◆Use a wooden or silicone shovel to prevent metal from damaging the enamel coating.

◆The temperature of the cast iron pot is extremely high after heating, please use heat-insulating gloves and pot holders.

Every keen cook owns a cast iron skillet. Nothing works as well as this essential cooking tool. Cast iron retains heat more efficiently than metal, which helps provide a crispy, seared texture and better browning. However, cast iron gets trickier over time - once washed off it's easy to spin with a sponge. Before you know it, your pan is covered in burn residue.

FORTATO cast iron chainmail scrubber does not harm to your cast iron skillet/ pan nonstick coating. Protect the seasoning. Extend the service life of your cookware.

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